Fish Biotech Kit

Fish Biotech Kit

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Fish Biotech Kit (algae-bacteria consortium)

This kit is highly effective because uses Living Brine Shrimp as a carrier to locate the Algae-Bacteria Consortium directly where is most needed, inside your Aquatic Pets (just like a Trojan Horse), instead of diluting the bacteria into the water.

  • Double or triple the lifespan of your aquatic pets.
  • Advanced bacteria eat ammonia in fish gills.
  • Convert ammonia directly to harmless nitrogen gas.
  • Consortium improves nutrition in fish.
  • Supress excess biofilm formation.
  • Maintain a balanced environment.

It’s very easy to apply to your aquarium (Watch the video).

Learn about the biotechnology behind the kit (Watch the video)

These microalgae are known for their antioxidant activity because of their ability to create large amounts of carotenoids (high concentrations of β-carotene) and high concentrations of glycerol. Combine the content of these three bottles and, when effectively managed, can prevail for many days without losing its magic (You will require some basic aeration):

Do you want to double or triple the time your aquatic pets live? Combine the Beneficial Bacteria and Brine Shrimp with the Antioxidant Effect of the D. salina.