SeaFarmer is the result of research and development brought about by the professional partnership between Maria and Gustavo whom, together, account for almost forty years of experience in the biotechnology field. 

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Their combined expertise includes the developing of several aquaculture projects, biotechnology consultancy and research, engineering implementation, marketing and commercialization.

Castano and Silva have successfully conducted production projects of the most diverse selection of aquaculture species (shrimp, tilapia, oysters, eels, and others), as well as one agriculture project (orchids). They both also account for key experience in biotechnology and engineering systems (irrigation, aeration systems, automated aquaculture and more)

The general nature of Sea Farmer is to apply state of the art biotechnology to improve the life quality of our society and local communities in two ways: (1) Implementing ways to produce organic, pesticide–free, high quality and high yielding aquatic species by means of state of the art biotechnology. (2) Providing to the community innovative new ways of producing food, which are effectively productive and, at the same time, self-sustained and environmental positive.